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I have decided that I am going to try and do something called "pocket reviews" in which I am able to review a lot of books quickly because I am not doing long in-depth reviews, but concise ones that you can read if you have just a small pocket of time. I have read three new books, two re-reads, and even devoured a fan-fiction since we last chatted, so let's get into it!

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

  • WWll fiction about two sisters that took very different but equally brave action during the war

  • Set in France (Paris and the countryside)

  • A lot of people's top recommendation for historical fiction (although, I have to say it wouldn't be mine)

  • I think that this would be an excellent starter book for people that want to get into historical fiction, but are intimidated by the genre

  • Shows the power of women, the war, and most importantly love

  • I find myself thinking about "All the Light We Cannot See" more than this book

  • A really accurate portrayal of what life was like in France during the Nazi occupation

  • Enjoyed the multiple perspective

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

  • Not at all what I was expecting

  • This is not a collection of short stories which for some reason I thought it was

  • Follows a progressive young woman in the community who is hired to teach a class to women who want to learn English, but uses it as a way for the widows to trade "naughty stories"

  • A really fun and inventive way to look at a culture that is very different than my own

  • Is out to break a lot of stereotypes and I am HERE for it

  • Is actually set in London, which is a familiar and interesting backdrop for the story

  • A really excellent way to learn about a culture from an "own-voice" perspective without reading heavy nonfiction or lit fic

  • I read in one day! Super fast read!

Isolation by Bex-Chan

  • OBVIOUSLY fan fiction

  • My favourite Dramione fan fiction that I have read up to this point because I feel like it stays the most true to character

  • Delves a lot into forming one's own opinions and overcoming prejudice which is such an amazing plot line

  • Honestly has helped me start to believe that Draco would actually be a better match than Ron for Hermione

  • Starting to realise that I really do not like how long and how full of filler fan fictions tend to be and will probably not be picking up another one for awhile

  • Pretty sure this is one of the OG Dramione fan fics, so if it's something you're looking into, this is the one I would suggest

  • Easy and free to access

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

  • A re-read, obviously

  • First time reading the illustrated version, though and I loved it! I think I would suggest that you start with un-illustrated first, though, so you can imagine what everything is without the help of pictures

  • Jim Kay is an actual genius. His artwork still manages to take my breath away

  • Forgot how dang long it takes to get Harry to Hogwarts in the first book

  • I thank fan fiction for inspiring me to pick this series back up

  • I suggest re-reads to get you out of reading slumps because this did wonders for me

  • Not at all ashamed to say that this series is the best and just keeps getting better

The Diviners by Libba Bray

  • Libba Bray, I think, is definitely in my top 3 favourite authors of all time

  • Just like all of her other books, this one goes places that I never could have anticipated and is unlike anything else I have ever read

  • Set in 1920's New York, it follows a rag-tag group of people trying to catch a serial killer

  • The atmosphere in this book is unreal. It makes me want to live in the 1920's

  • The first chapter of this book is probably the spookiest and best-written chapters that I have ever encountered in the YA genre

  • Just a touch of magic. I. LOVE. MAGICAL. REALISM. OKAY??

  • Just as salty as everyone else about the cover changes

  • Jericho is such a book crush

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

  • Becky Albertalli is another one of my favourite (auto-buy) authors

  • This is another re-read. I am into them lately! I have been in a mood to re-consume stories that I know I adore

  • Honest-to-goodness, this is the definition of a feel-good novel

  • The representation in this page-turner is unreal and I LOVE it. Plus-sized protagonists, lesbian parents, gay, pan, and bi-sexual representation, Jewish representation... the list goes on and on

  • The first line in this book still makes me giggle out loud

  • The romance in this book makes my tummy flip in circles EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • So relatable for so many people

  • One of my first and easiest books to recommend to people looking into YA

Thanks for reading everyone! If you are reading anything really good right now, you'll have to come at me with a little pocket review of your own!


A.C. Woodruff

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