• Abigail Woodruff

The Man that Follows

**This poem is dedicated to Draven Haefs who inspired me to expand upon my photographs and find inspiration in everything!*

Something that my sister taught me before she


was that darkness presents itself in many forms

that we do not expect.

We think that darkness is simply the absence of light,

the blindness of understanding,

or if we really dig into it,

it's the antithesis of positivity and hope.

What society doesn't teach you is that darkness

can be your favourite cereal,

the teacher that seems to actually understand that your dream is achievable,

or even the luminescent glow of multi-coloured Christmas lights next door.

Darkness is anything that makes you feel a spark of love before falling back into the abyss. Darkness is the flicker of something better but that is ultimately


Darkness is the man in the black coat

holding hands with my sister

looking back at me

before they turn into fog.

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