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You Know You're a VIPKid Teacher When...

VIPKid Series

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night and panic-check your phone to see if you have any last-minute bookings or to see if you missed your alarm.

  2. You have multiple orange/teacher t-shirts laying around your house so you can throw one on and look like a professional teacher at any time during the day.

  3. You have invested a decent amount of money into a lamp, a headset with a microphone, or a good computer camera.

  4. You have played with the AR stickers during a student-no-show.

  5. You have your favourite workshop teachers and will go out of your way to try and get into one of their classes if you can.

  6. You find yourself reading or watching content about VIPKid when you have free time.

  7. You could draw Meg, Mike, Eddy, and Dino blindfolded.

  8. You have taught students with profile names like 'Harry Potter', 'No name', or 'jkhgiudhncvj'.

  9. You frequently use your weekly produce as teaching props. Shout out to my weekly supply of bananas and apples to get me through trials.

  10. You have at least 2 or 3 props that would make you feel panicked if you could not find them.

  11. You spend way too much time on the Google translate page.

  12. You have a go-to e-card to send to the students.

  13. You know what the Hutong is and you know it's where you go to get some easy coins that won't expire.

  14. You either love your stuffed Dino or you dream of the day you can bring him into your classroom.

  15. You have a VIPKid song stuck in your head at least twice a week.

  16. Your heart jumps for joy whenever you get a little VIPKid booking notification.

  17. You find yourself analysing how the class went as soon as it's finished.

  18. You have mastered the art of talking with your hands and it has seeped into your life outside of the classroom.

  19. You have moaned about low-bookings at some point.

  20. You stick around because you love the kids and the feeling of making a difference.

Are you a veteran VIPKid teacher that has some more to add to the list? Definitely comment or let me know as I would love to compile everybody's input!

Do you want to become a VIPKid teacher and be an insider on everything up above? Sign up using this LINK or using the code ABIGA0441. If you do, email me at so I can make sure that you are all set for your journey and can answer any of your questions!

Happy teaching,

A. C. Woodruff


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